Burnell & Co

In a nutshell

  • Burnell, an accountancy business, wanted to grow their business by providing innovative accountancy services

  • Pure worked to support Burnell in developing an innovation breakthrough strategy, sales and marketing approach and implementation plan

  • Burnell, rebranded as Spark Accountancy, has now seen its revenue grow by 90%, customer base has grown by 65% and has recruited 5 new members of staff


Company background

Phil Burnell started his accountancy business in early 2014 after working for a large practice in central Birmingham. Based in Sutton Coldfield, the company traded as Burnell & Co and offered friendly, down to earth, personal accountancy services.

With a small but strong group of customers, purchased from his previous employer, Phil had ambitious plans to significantly expand his business. He had a clear idea of how he wanted to grow the business - by utilising progressive cloud based accountancy software applications to offer a more engaging, interactive, and forward-facing service to clients.

The challenge

As Phil’s business coach, we found a number of significant challenges:

  • The business was a new start up, with a young profile, in a competitive market - it would be essential to establish credibility.

  • The business was planning to adopt an innovative approach to delivering traditional accountancy services and so customer benefits would need to be clearly defined 

  • We would need to change perceptions of accountancy services 

The approach

We worked to support Phil in three key areas:

  • Innovation breakthrough strategy - working alongside Phil to undertake a strategic review of the business, including financial performance, customer types and perceptions, products and services, pricing, service delivery and competitor analysis.

  • Innovative sales and marketing approach - provided coaching to help develop a focussed business development growth plan, establish a meaningful sales proposition, define the key messages, outline potential target sectors and customer profiles and create appropriate routes to prospect engagement.

  • Implementation plan – created a detailed, timed implementation plan, incorporating the outcomes of the breakthrough strategy and the innovative sales and marketing approach. This include deploying effective marketing communication activity as follows:

    • Product and service configuration – created a range of packaged services, providing a clear specification to manage customer expectation and establish value perceptions

    • Proposition development – established a relevant, meaningful proposition appropriate for selected target sectors and customer profiles

    • Brand development – created a new company name and visual identity that better communicated the company’s innovative brand position

    • Digital media – developed a new website providing company information in a more vibrant and dynamic context, consistent with the company’s innovative positioning

    • Social media – developed a significant, consistent output of social media content and activity to establish brand awareness and credibility amongst selected target audiences

    • Physical environment – established a new office lay outand installation of internal and external signage to create improved environment for both staff and customers


Since working with Burnell, now rebranded as Spark Accountants, the company has seen fantastic results:


  • Revenue growth in year two, following the development of the strategy and its implementation, was 90%.

  • In the following 12-month period, the business increased its revenue by a further 45%.

  • The business has grown its customer base by 65% over a twenty-four-month period

  • The increase in business growth necessitated the recruitment of 5 new members of staff


Further information

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