Pure Executive Coaching 

Leading on from our business growth coaching service, Pure also provides dedicated one-to-one executive coaching and mentoring.

Every Pure executive coaching and mentoring intervention is unique and based on the individual and their personal and specific aims, objectives and goals. We provide totally bespoke, professional, confidential coaching programs that are challenging, robust and highly effective.   


We seek to build strong relationships with our clients, business owners and senior managements, by establishing trust and understanding.


Once this trust and understanding has been established, we can support individuals to set their goals and deal with the challenges in reaching those goals. Support might be centred around career progression, work-life balance, change of direction, exit strategies or personal development. 

Key aspects of coaching interaction include:


  • Initial meeting - to provisionally discuss the aims and objectives and the background driving or influencing the client’s goals.

  • The agreement - making sure that there is a common understanding between the coach and the client regarding the coaching process, time frame and engagement expectations.    

  • Defining the goals - working with the client to scope, define and qualify the goals and the anticipated outcomes.

  • Context - understanding the context, circumstances and rationale behind the challenges affecting the client.

  • Options - exploring the possibilities and opportunities that might exist to help the client achieve their goals.

  • Way forward – what need to be done next to ensure ideas are turned into actions and opportunities become realities.

  • Ongoing support – defining and agreeing the need resource for ongoing support, to ensure the clients get the help they need to achieve the goals following the end of the face-to-face sessions


For more information, please get in touch for an informal chat. 

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