What we do

No two businesses are the same and so what you need from a business coach is not the same. That's why, here at Pure we tailor make our business growth coaching to suit you.

How we work


Typically, our business coach will spend 12 half days with you and your business to:

  • Undertake a detailed review of the business

  • Find out what your customers think of you

  • Explore your business holistically – or focus on a specific aspect such as marketing, finances or processes

  • Discover opportunities and threats to help you plan for growth

  • Help you create an effective strategy so you can achieve your objectives

  • Help you identify your personal strengths and develop enhanced leadership skills

  • Establish evaluation criteria for you to measure your successes


We also recognise that not everyone wants to grow their business. Sometimes you are ready to move on and so we can help you plan your exit strategy, whether it be a disposal or a succession plan, we help you to get the most out of your business asset.

You may also need less or more support from us at different times of your business journey. These are just some of the reasons Pure does not do the one size fits all approach – and this is where our vast experience comes in.

Experienced business coaches

We've been there and done it ourselves – for over two decades we have gained (and are still gaining) priceless experience and understanding on the everyday challenges we businesses face. Not only this, but we have already helped countless businesses to tackle their problems or simply refocus and discover where they want to go next.

At Pure, you can be assured our business coaches will give you the support you need.

Dedicated and impartial business support


A business coach is the only person you can rely on to give you total dedicated and impartial support. A good coach (like the ones we have here at Pure) can help your business by focussing entirely on you, helping you move your business from where you are to where you want to be.

We will not have all the answers - coaches are not consultants - but we will help you explore all opportunities and find the answers to your business challenges. 

Read what our previous clients have to say about us.

Size doesn’t matter


Don’t think that only larger businesses need a coach. We have worked with sole trader start-ups to larger established organisations.

We know that being an owner manager of a small or medium sized business can be a very lonely place and sometimes you need support and reassurance you are doing the right thing. And as your business grows, things can get complex - you need more staff, you need more equipment, yor need more space to house them and you will need more funding to support growth.

Ultimately, the ongoing success of your business resides with you but you don’t have to do it alone: we can help.

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Still not sure if this is what you need? Why not just give us a call for a free chat to find out more.

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