KWB Corporate Cleaning

In a nutshell

  • KWB Corporate Cleaning provides professional, cost-effective office and commercial cleaning services

  • After a good start in year one, the business’ growth had stagnated and the business needed support in developing and delivering an ambitious business growth plan

  • Following work with Pure, the business hit its growth targets, increasing its sales revenue by 33% in year 1 and a further 38% in year 2.

  • The increase in business growth also necessitated the recruitment of 3 new members of staff to join the management team.

Company Background

Established in 2012, KWB Corporate Cleaning provides a range of professional, cost-effective office and commercial cleaning services.

The company is a subsidiary of KWB Holdings, a leading independent firm of office property consultants based in the Midlands. KWB specialise in office sales and lettings, and has evolved to offer a unique body of knowledge and expertise in commercial property through its team of specialists.

KWB Corporate Cleaning employed full-time and part-time staff [20 full-time equivalents] and worked with a broad range of customers. Customers were located primarily in the Birmingham region but the company also had clients in the northwest, the southwest and eastern England.

Despite a good start in the first year, the business’s growth had subsequently stagnated in year two and year three, with forecast for year four looking to offer no or limited growth opportunity.

The challenge

The challenge was to support the senior management team in establishing, developing and delivering an ambitious growth plan. We also needed to help review a number of issues that had been identified by the management team as barriers to growth:

  • An over reliance on referred customers from the holding property management and consultancy company

  • Operating in the overcrowded, highly competitive commercial property cleaning market

  • The lacked of sales and marketing skills and expertise within the business

  • Competing for larger contracts due its perceived size


The approach



Working with the company’s Managing Director and Operations Director, the initial coaching sessions sought to develop a better understanding of the business and identify its personality and culture.

Through face-to-face sessions, it was discovered that the company genuinely provided a customer focused, efficient and professional service, with an inherent desire to delight customers and excel expectations. The Operations Director personally made weekly customer site visits to carry out quality inspections and consistently followed-up with cleaning audit reports to clients.

A perception survey was independently commissioned to test customer opinion and attitudes towards services being delivered. Whilst the survey outcomes showed a 98% customer satisfaction score, it revealed that KWB had little or no brand awareness amongst most customers. Cleaning activities were predominantly conducted out-of-hours and so KWB staff had practically no physical presence and were frequently anonymously referred to as the cleaners.


Following the insight stage sessions and the customer survey, we worked with the management team to define the company in terms of its brand value, from which it could establish a clear meaningful customer proposition.

Based on the research and evidence, we supported the management team in creating a tag line that summarised the culture and approach of the business. ‘We do it right’ created an easily communicated proposition that optimised the essence of the KWB Corporate Cleaning brand.

We also helped the KWB team establish business growth objectives which were tangible, measurable and achievable, along with an integrated marketing communications plan.

Following an assessment of skills in the business, a sales job role was developed to include appropriate expertise and experience and recruitment activity undertaken.


With our help, the team developed a comprehensive marketing communications plan. This involved the creation of new, improved business development print and digital assets, as well as the deployment of direct marketing activity including mailings and telemarketing.

The highly targeted campaign was implemented over a 6-month period and closely monitored through the introduction of lead tracking software. A sales manager was also successfully recruited with high level experience with in the corporate cleaning and facilities management sector.


Within a nine-month period, the company had hit its growth target and increased its sales revenue by 33%. In the following 12-month period, the business increased its sales revenue by a further 38%. The increase in business growth necessitated the recruitment of 3 new members of staff to join the management team.


Further information

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